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Our Shared Scenario as a place for exploring other ideas of community.


The idea is to create an online platform for the cooperation of two different groups of children and youngsters, each of them situated on different places, allowing them to establish a collaborative process for the construction of a performance.

Through the different stages of the process, they will be able to devise and draw their characters, to generate the plot and, finally, to perform with these graphic creation made by themselves, animated on real time.

The final stage where they will be able to act will be virtual, set on the internet, but the movements and the attitudes of the characters will be captured from the real corporeal expressions of the children, by means of computer vision, and transferred to the characters, bringing them to life.

Persons in remote spaces, cultural as well as spatially, will have the possibility of know each other by the time they develop together an artistic task with multiple significant layers: thinking out, graphic work and performance; all of them setting up a social space for comprehension, mutual knowledge and complicity.